sábado, 10 de diciembre de 2016

Tokyo Otaku Mode Review: Rilakkuma cushion and petite towel

Hello! It's Jeanelle! First of all, sorry for my broken English, I'm trying my best. ; v ;
Today I'm going to talk about my experience with TOM (Tokyo Otaku Mode).

It is one of my favourite sites to shop online.
This is my sixth time shopping with them and I'm very satisfied with them.

So first, let's talk a little about the shop.
Tokyo Otaku Mode (TOM), is an online shop for fans of Japanese pop culture. You can find a lot of different products (everything's authentic, yay!), from figures, plushies and toys, to home and kitchen goods, j-fashion items, books, e-books, stationery and much more. It has a lot of sections and each one of them is subsectioned to make it easier to find what you're looking for.

I've been buying with them since June of this year.
My favourite things to buy are kawaii stuff, (specially Rilakkuma stuff), and kitchen tools.
I find it hard to buy directly from San-x official store because I don't know japanese, so TOM is a pretty good option when I'm looking for something from them. (It used to be my very first option, but since the dollar raised, it has become more and more difficult for me to buy in dollars, also, they give you TOM points when you buy, and you were able to spend them to reduce shipping costs, which was really helpful, but you can't do it anymore; you can still spend them to reduce prices of items anyway).
Once, I bought some artbooks, postcards and a poster that I really adore, and I'm going to decorate my new room with them. They're excelent quality, and I have to admit that I would've never know about these artists if I didn't poke around the content of the shop. (Plus, everything was very well packaged, so no damages!)
I also bought two bento boxes with their pairing chopsticks set, one for bae and one for myself, and I love them. There are a lot of different sizes and designs, so there is something for everyone!

So, now I'm going to continue with today's package I got!
I ordered on October 16th, and went for the cheapest shipping method (SAL Small Packet Registered 3 - 5 Weeks). It was sent the very next day, and 10 days later it arrived to Mexico. So my package spent 6 more weeks around the country until it finally arrive, but this is only mexican postal service's fault, for holidays mostly. I went to pick my package today. 
Okay, so, this is the first time one of my TOM packages arrive like that. The box it's a little damaged, but once I checked the inside, all my stuff was in perfect condition, so no problem. :)

This time I ordered a Rilakkuma Mo-chi Mochi Cushion, size medium, and a Korilakkuma Petit Towel from past Nonbiri Neko collection.
I got a clear file with the invoice inside. I've got one with every order I made, and a sticker, but this time I got no sticker. It's okay anyways. xD
Every item is wraped in a plastic box separately, wich protects them from any damage. :)
The towel was a little wrinkled, probably for the travel, but no damages either. I bought it to match another towel I also bought here, lol.
It's just so cute and soft! 
♡ ♡ ♡

This is the rilakkuma cushion. I was really excited to get this one! Because I've seen a lot of kawaii rooms on the internet with Rilakkuma and other kawaii cushions on beds, chairs or sofas and they look adorable~ 
Front :)

Back ♡

Cute tags~
The cushion is high quality, big and really soft and comfy! I'm in love with it! I wish I could've bought Korilakkuma and Kiiroitori too. :(

Happy room :) ♡

So, the summary...
  • Shipping: 5/5 (I liked it more when I could reduce shipping costs, and with time, the amount of dollars you need to spend to qualify for the free shipping discount increases; TOM explained why they had to do that, but with the dollar raising more and more, it's harder for me to buy :'v so, I'm just talking for myself, shipping costs aren't that expensive, I think they are okay. I usually check shipping methods and I like the ones TOM offers, they're safe, even the cheapest).
  • Service/ Customer support: 5/5 (I have mailed them when I had a problem and they're always very kind and professional, they answer all my questions and solve all my doubts, I don't have much to say about it. I'm just very pleased). :)
  • Price-quality ratio: 5/5 (I usually search for lots of reviews of the site I want to buy from, positive and negative ones, before making the purchase. I don't remember a negative one to be honest xD. I also check the prices and check the cheapest, and I think TOM is my best option.
  • Grand Total: 5/5 (So, basically, I totally recommend this shop. :P )
I hope my review is helpful to someone. Thanks for reading me!


viernes, 15 de enero de 2016

Carta para dos princesas.

Es difícil abrirse a las personas. No solo mostrarles la parte de ti que le muestras a todo el mundo, sino, mostrarte por completo, sin esconder nada. Desnudarte. Romperte en pedazos frente a ellos, y de la misma manera volver a unirte.
Son cosas que suelo hacer sola. Romperme y pegarme.
Creo que ella es muy bonita, tengo muchas ganas de abrazarla y con mis manos hacerle una sonrisa en el rostro. Ella también se abrió conmigo. Lamento mucho las cosas por las que las personas tienen que pasar. ¿Por qué no puedes salvar a nadie? Como tener un superpoder para borrar los problemas de las personas que quieres. Y es que lo siento. Siento y es un dolor que no te hace agonizar, pero que nunca se va, está siempre presente.

Las personas son tan bonitas, cada una en su manera muy especial, tan auténtica.

Siento que al final, como todo, tarde o temprano se irán. Y yo no puedo detenerlas. No tengo el poder, la autorización ni la voluntad para hacerlo, porque así tienen que ser las cosas.

Ah, qué bonitas son las personas. Como cristal. No entiendo por qué la gente no las cuida. A todas esas personas tan importantes. Para ellos no son importantes, no pueden ver lo que yo veo.

Como sentarte en el balcón a ver las estrellas, o acostarte en el cuarto escuchando música con alguien a las tres de la mañana mientras se quedan dormidos. Como ir caminando por ahí y darte cuenta de lo bonita que es la vida, y empezar a ver todo de otra manera, aunque solo dure una semana, un día, un rato, un pestañeo.

Deseo de todo corazón que puedan cumplir todos sus sueños.

Con amor, Jeanelle.